pricehotbreakfastFor corporate catering that surpasses the ordinary breakfast fare, allow us to serve our delicious treats at your next employee meeting or business event. Offering a varied buffet catering menu, we provide both continental and hot items that promise to delight. And don’t worry about setup, equipment or paperware for your corporate breakfast: We’ve got it covered. We can even stick around to clean up, if preferred.

Call our corporate catering team to order your personalized breakfast menu now.

Breakfast Menu Options:

Both packages include complete paperware and are subject to a seven percent sales tax.

Continental Breakfast Package

$8.00/person + tax (minimum of 10 people)

  • Rich and flaky, sweet or savory, our baked goods assortment includes a variety of sinful muffins, buttery croissants, flavorful crumb cakes and traditional NY-style mini bagels.
  • Seasonally fresh and ripened to perfection, our assorted fruit platters include scrumptiously juicy sliced and cubed fruit, perfect for the start of the work day.
  • Finally, no breakfast would be complete without fresh and tangy orange juice and robust, aromatic coffee.

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Continental Breakfast Package (1)

  • An assortment of muffins, croissants, crumb cakes, and mini bagels. Served with fruit platter, orange juice, and coffee. You're all set! Please order for a minimum of 10 people.
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Hot Foods Breakfast Package

$10/person + tax (minimum of 10 people)

  • The same amazing and enticing assortment of our signature baked goods: muffins, croissants, crumb cakes and mini bagels.
  • Plus your choice of the following items:

    • Scrambled eggs or JohnClaude’s signature savory, handmade breakfast wraps
    • Our temptingly sweet cinnamon swirl french toast or our velvety fruit pancakes
    • Lightly salted and seasoned hash browns or savory roasted red potatoes
    • Our mouth-watering thick-cut bacon or peppery sausage links
  • An assorted seasonal fruit platter can be added for an additional $2.00/person
  • Piping hot, aromatic coffee and fresh and tangy orange juice.

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