1. Need Catering For A Corporate Event ASAP? We Can Help

    “Oh by the way,” the boss said as he gathered up his briefcase and headed for the door, “our most important clients are coming into the office for a meeting on Tuesday, make sure we have something nice to give them for lunch.” Stunned, you froze, notes from the meeting half-stuffed into your own satchel. Today was Friday. Not only was it Fr…Read More

  2. 5 Catering Trends For Business Events In 2017

    These days, doing business is all about maximizing the trends. There are KPI tracking software tools to help your business recognize trends. Social media tickers to help you share trending news with your followers.  And yes, even in the business catering world, foodie trends that can help ensure that people are talking about your next corporate e…Read More

  3. Is Breakfast The Real Power Hour For Corporate Success?

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  4. 7 Steps For Planning a Successful Networking Event

    Are you opening up your corporate headquarters or retail location for a networking event? From time to time, businesses in New York and New Jersey will agree to host networking events for professionals in various industries. Not only do these corporate events provide an opportunity for you to show off your location and conduct some valuable face-to…Read More

  5. How To Host A Flawless Business Event

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  6. Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Work With Our Party Platters!

    Is your company the type of work place where people like to celebrate the holidays? While most companies focus their parties around Thanksgiving or Christmas, there are plenty of other opportunities to show your employees appreciation throughout the year. The key to throwing a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration at work is to keep things light an…Read More

  7. What Is Hybrid Buffet Catering?

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  8. Types Of Corporate Events We Love To Cater

    If you’re the person tasked with planning your company’s upcoming corporate events, you’re probably equal parts excited and terrified, especially if this is the first time you’ve been in charge of such an occurrence. John Claude Corporate Catering has been the leading corporate catering specialist in New York and New Jersey for many years.…Read More

  9. Are You Making These Networking Mistakes?

    Some catering companies specialize in food for weddings, while some catering companies limit themselves to providing gourmet food for small, private events. Here at John Claude Corporate Catering, we believe that there’s a third category in which the demand for high-quality catering companies continues to grow: business catering. Business Cateri…Read More